One day, when I study in the class,
the teacher told me the story that I can take a good conclusion from it. This
story tell about the father, his child, and the camel. Whwn they get back to
their home from Mecca let’s tell to you.

Once upon time, in the desert. The
camel are walked by father, and his son. The father riding the camel and
child-ten years old-walk on foot. They are mahkah merchant. When they sell
merchandise out, they return home straightaway, because their family have wated
them since three days ago to bring money and food.

In the quarter of their trip, they
meet with a group of labour, “What a cruel this father, he lets his child to
walk on foot, meanwhile  he riding the
camel”. Some one of them speak by low voice. But, the father heard the voice
spoken by one of them. After the father and his child pass the throtah a group
of labour, so the father get from back of camel down and said to his child,
“Dear my son, go up and ride it !”. The father told to his child.

They carry their walking on the
desert. The father carries on foot and his child riding the camel. In the half
of their trip. They pass the market through many people look to the child
seriously. Some one speak, “How impolite this child ! he allows his father to
walk on foot and he rides the camel. What a pity that father !”. In the end of
the marked, the father stops walking again. And the father decide to ride the
camel together. “May be by this solution the people won’t talked him by other
offence.” The father toldin his heart.

But, in some place, when they meet
with the guild, some one of them talk by medium voice, “What gloomy that camel,
it must rided by weight work load. Are they don’t use their brain to do it?”
then, they carry on their walking and don’t listen nor do respect what some one
said behind them.

From this story,
let me take the conslusion that, “if someone tell to you about yourself (your
performance, your glide of body, or your lifestyle) don’t hear them. Some people
will commend you and several of them will insult you. Furthermore you will get
down by their remark, you must erase and throw their spoken, because the perfect
one is the god. Such the father and his child occurred. When the father ride the
camel, some one said that he is cruel to his child, and when the child ride it,
plenty of people say that the child was very impolite. Also, when them ride it
together, a large number of people say that they is very stupid. Moreover they
don’t ride the camel but they walk  on foot with the camel, what will people
say? There for the good idea and the good action is from your heart, and “be
yourself, don’t be what people said.”